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Cathy Pedulla, founder and CEO of C.P. Looks has developed her expertise as a top business strategist and brand builder for a variety of professional beauty industry leaders, salon owners, and stylists for the last 30 years. Her branding expertise, passion, and knowledge of industry trends are unparalleled.


The beauty industry is facing new and unexpected challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic began. C.P. Looks offers industry clients innovative branding and sales strategies that produce profitable results. C.P. Looks is poised to expand and is taking on new clients, and we are excited about the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do to make your business more profitable.

Some of Our Current Projects


Beauty Cast Network has been helping Beauty, Barber, and Wellness employers attract new talent since 2013 through their publications and webinars as well as both live and virtual Job Fairs throughout the country. Beauty Cast Network is now adding a new service to their existing services, the Direct hire Program.  With this program, BCN will identify talent with specific training and skills required by the employer and provide a profile and video introduction of the candidates to the employer. BCN will help coordinate virtual screening interviews prior to the employer setting up personal, in person interviews. The service fee is free for the candidates and BCN will charge the employer a flat fee for each candidate who is hired. 

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We focus on helping midsize brands and agencies that need thought-leadership to create a new level of marketing energy.


Sometimes, a brand needs a push to see through the new complexities of the COVID influenced marketplace.

Our job is to step in on a short term or part-time basis. We'll identify the gaps, build a strategy to fill them and move your brand forward.


The good news is when the energy pops, you'll know it. And, we'll keep working with you until it happens.


Artego Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech Color is up to 99% organic natural ingredients. All products are infused with tourmaline, a rare gemstone that adds mineral properties to treatments. Unlike some other smoothing brands, MALINA IS VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE!

Artego Beauty Fusion Phyto-Tech Hair Color, Malina Vegan Smoothing Services and Artego Rain Dance Products are designed to be used together, creating a full package vegan, all organic experience for your healthy conscious clients. Allow us to help your salon become a vegan salon today!


Advisory Board


C.P.Looks'  advisory board includes industry leaders who have entered into an ongoing relationship with our company. 

Our Advisory Board members are vital partners in our success. They are an objective sounding board, offer introductions to prospective clients, and provide invaluable advice.

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Damion Devine is a Lifetime achiever in the beauty industry. Born into the industry, his family owned a chain of 17 independent salons. His personal career started as a manager of a small chain of salons in Florida, where he exercised his talents to revitalize every portion of those businesses into a profit center.

Specializing in education and color

theory, he shifted his career into over a decade of field sales in distribution and professional consulting. During that period he was awarded the status of the million dollar sales consultant and certified as a business and promotional planner. 


He has worked as a regional manager of sales and education nationally and internationally in the industry, promoting natural and organic products. Specializing in education and the marketing of business plans for salons and spa’s, he helped to pave the way for health and wellness services in our industry today. 


He is excited to inspire and motivate professionals with in the world of Hair Color. Through education and partnering with companies he is ready to promote business and marketing strategies focusing on total body wellness.


Elizabeth Cruickshank, DBA is a dynamic strategist and innovator with more than 20 years of experience in business development, and strategic partnerships. 


She is regularly recognized as an effective problem solver and collaborative team player who regularly partners with key senior leaders to create, manage, and

execute innovative marketing strategies that deliver results. 


Her experience spans the areas of strategy development, public relations, and advertising campaigns;  business and venture capital plans; and corporate re-branding. As a certified Master Project Manager, she has implemented and managed the product development life cycle from concept through launch for multiple corporate and small business clients.


Dr. Cruickshank was previously the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at a boutique consulting firm, and worked as a Senior Director of Product Development for a national managed care organization. She also has successfully improved growth strategies and customer relationships for a variety of corporate  and start-up organizations.


Contact C.P. Looks to find out more about how our innovative branding and successful sales strategies can help your organization drive new business and increase profits.

Refine Branding, Increase Knowledge & Understanding of Industry Trends, and Design a Successful Beauty Industry Sales Strategy

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